Getting Started: The Design Process

A custom cabinet project flows smoothly and is installed on time only when the design process includes planning for all of its potential uses while anticipating variations in the existing structure, including HVAC, plumbing, AV and electrical requirements.

Sherman and Gosweiler - Philadelphia custom furniture design

Designing the Project

If you are working with an interior designer and have a drawing we will be pleased to provide an estimate at no charge.  If not, simply arrange an appointment with us, either at your home or office or here at our shop.  We charge $80 per hour for design time which will be deducted from the price if you place an order.  As the requirements and design objectives of the project are discussed, we will bring our thirty six years of experience to bear, asking just the right questions and hand drawing a viable concept sketch on the spot.  We will also help you chose the appropriate woods, ornamental details, and finishing options. 

Contact us:  Just call or e-mail Chuck Sherman to describe the scope of your project.


We will then prepare an estimate based on the concept sketch and an “ETA” for the completion of the project.


Once the design, choice of materials and finish and price are accepted, we will prepare a proposal.  Our terms are 50% deposit upon acceptance of the proposal, 40% upon completion of the construction, (you are invited to visit the shop to inspect your piece before it goes into the finishing room), and 10% upon installation.

Scale Drawings and Finish Sample

We will then make on-site measurements and produce scale shop drawings and a finish sample for your final approval before the work begins.

We encourage you to visit our shop as we have found that seeing work in progress and a large variety of samples of exotic materials and finishing techniques often helps our clients visualize the possibilities for their project.

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